When The Indigo Ninjas written by Priyanka became one of the most read articles on Ameya’s aviation blog, we decided that it was time to have a separate blog for travel and food experiences from our escapades to 28 unique countries, 45 UNESCO world heritage sites and umpteen food adventures.
The list of reasons for not doing this earlier is probably as big as our bucket list of places to visit but finally when we decided to get this monkey off our back a new reason came up for not doing it. What will be the name of the blog?

What’s in a name? Everything! Only after our recent trip to the Baltics did we agree on a name – ScoopTroopers. Scoop to denote the food and scoop also for a story; and Trooper – a reliable person. The search for name was an exercise where our creativity or the lack of it was in abundance. Probably worth a blog post in itself.

We will definitely like to hear feedback from our readers and would be happy to share experiences. From Mexico to Vietnam and Russia to Indonesia – we hope to get our experiences here soon.

Hope you enjoy reading the blog as much as we enjoy writing it! Please use the contact us section to get in touch with us.